Teach me how to dangle.'s avatar

Teach me how to dangle.


Big ups to Patrick Roy and the Avs for bringing them from 29th in the league last year to being one of the top teams into the playoffs.

Not only has a hockey team broke my heart once but twice this year. God damn it avs how could you not beat the wild?!

If Boston wins this series I seriously don’t believe in karma anymore.

Can we all drink together after that kind of game?

I seriously fucking hate the red wings sometimes

You guys, I’m freaking the fuck out.

I’m on the verge of being wasted now…this game…omg i can’t handle it….

Somebody throw a fucking octopus.

I hate them, I hate them.

Yay the two new daddies scored!!!!!

I’m kinda hammered right now, I was freaking out that much before the game lol.

Obviously the biggest difference in why we are winning is because I usually wear my Datsyuk jersey but it hasn’t been lucky lately so I put on my yzerman Jersey For sure the reason why we are up right now lol you’re welcome #superstitions


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